Instructional Resource Policy Review

Instructional Resource Policy Review

The Astoria School Board is in the process of reviewing the policy associated with Instructional Materials. The policy named IIA-Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials outlines guidance for selecting instructional resources and materials. 

In order to help guide the policy IIA, the District is working to add two supporting Administrative Regulations (AR) including:

IIA-AR (1) – Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials This Administrative Regulation provides an outline of support for administrators to define what is considered instructional materials, the criteria for the selection of district materials, the selection process for core adopted materials, and a process for reconsideration of instructional materials. 

IIA-AR (2) -  Request for Reconsideration of Materials This Administrative Regulation form is to be used by patrons and staff who would like for the District to reconsider adopted materials. 

As a part of the approval process, I am asking for your input on the two Administrative Regulations IIA-AR (1) and IIA-AR (2). These ARs are intended to provide a clear process for input of adopted materials and a process to appeal instructional materials that are in use by the District.
IIA D1 Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials
IIA R1 Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials DRAFT
IIA R2 Request for Reconsideration of Materials DRAFT

Please email Superintendent Craig Hoppes at [email protected] by May 1, 2023, if you would like to provide input or have any questions. 

Thank you for your input and assistance.