ASD 2023 Math Adoption

Math Adoption Curriculum Preview

Beginning in the fall, a committee of teachers from grades K-12 have been meeting to evaluate new math curricula for the Astoria School District.  The committee created a math vision statement that has acted as a guide throughout the evaluation process: 

ASD Math Vision:

Students develop a strong math identity and have confidence and resilience in applying mathematical thinking to real world problems.

In our classrooms students will: 

1. Develop number sense in the primary grades to support future mathematical practices.

2. Develop a positive view of their mathematical ability through productive struggle and collaboration.

3. Develop critical thinking skills through mathematical discourse.   

4. Develop connections between math concepts and other disciplines.

5. Have multiple opportunities to practice and master concepts to build mathematical fluency.

6. Have multiple entry points to engage in the learning through a culturally relevant curriculum.

We have narrowed the options down to one or two math curricula per grade level.  During the months of April and May, at least two teachers from each grade level will pilot a unit from each curriculum and evaluate the program in ten different areas, including but not limited to: alignment with state standards, ease of use, engagement, differentiation options, and the variety of assessments.   The curriculum includes the math materials, textbooks and/or workbooks, and the digital platform that students will interact with  and teachers will use for instruction.  

We would like to give the community a chance to review the curriculum options and provide feedback.  We want to ensure that the curriculum we adopt serves all students equitably and allows for quality student learning and active engagement.  

The adoption cycle is every seven years and the Astoria School District will begin using the adopted curriculum in the fall of the 2023-2024 school year. 

Preview the Math Materials: 

Follow the links below to preview the curriculum choices for each grade band.   If you would like to preview materials in person, they are available to view at the District Office between the hours of 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday.  

After you have previewed the materials, you can give feedback on this form: Feedback Form  Please complete a different form for each curriculum you review.  The survey will be available through May 19, 2023.  

If you have any questions, please email Stephanie Sparks at [email protected].

Math Adoption Information Website

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