2019 A Tradition of Excellence

"A Tradition of Excellence" Staff Recognition

Astoria School District staff, friends and family, filled the Liberty Theater on May 30, 2019 for the annual “Tradition of Excellence” Awards. This annual awards event recognizes individuals for their accomplishments in and out of the classroom. As part of “A Tradition of Excellence”, staff members who have worked in the district for 10, 20, and 30 years were recognized for their longevity and dedication to the district. Four additional recognition awards were given out including: Classified/Support Staff Member of the Year, Certified Staff Member of the Year, ASD Collaboration Team Award, and a Community Partnership Award Recognition Award. The Astoria School Foundation sponsored this event.  

Staff members recognized for 10 or more consecutive years in the District include:


Mickey Cereghino

Cecilia Cole

JoAnn Nelson

Mike Sparks

Teresa Varner

Betty Vinsonhaler


Staff members recognized for 20 or more consecutive years in the District include:


Linda Brech

Pat Levoy

Jordan Martin

Debra Miner

Jeanine Van De Grift


One staff member was recognized for 30 or more consecutive years in the District:

Teresa Patterson

Classified/Support Staff Member of the Year: Kari Marsh


The Classified/Support Staff Member of the Year honors a staff member who demonstrates excellence in work performance, school and community involvement, leadership, and commitment to our district. The Classified/Support Staff Member of the Year award was presented to Ms. Kari Marsh.  Kari has worked for the Astoria School District for 4 years.  Kari is the Head Secretary at Astoria High School.  Kari has shown strong dedication to her position and to the support she provide students and staff at Astoria High School.


Certified Staff Member of the Year: Michelle Gardner


The Certified Staff Member of the Year recognizes and honors the contributions of an outstanding Certified Staff Member who has demonstrated a commitment to the mission and vision of the Astoria School District.  The Certified Staff Member of the Year also inspires, motivates, encourages and helps students excel in school.  The Certified Staff Member of the Year was presented to Ms. Michelle Gardner.  Michelle has worked as an elementary teacher in the Astoria School District for over 12 years.  Michelle currently is the teacher in the Preschool Promise class at Gray School.  Michelle has established a great preschool program that prepares all of her students to be ready for kindergarten. 


ASD Collaboration Team Award:

English Language Development Team


The ASD Collaboration Team Award honors a group of staff members who work together to positively impact student learning while striving to ensure students meet the mission and vision of the Astoria School District. “A Tradition of Excellence” Collaboration Team Award is awarded to a team of teachers who demonstrate outstanding teamwork, exemplary work performance, and improve student learning through their collaborative work.  The 2019 Collaboration Team Award was presented to the Astoria School District English Language Development (ELD) Team.  The ELD Team consists of Rebecca Beddingfield, Trixie Bigby, and Emily Townsend.  The Astoria ELD Team has worked to make significant improvement to our program which provides service to our English Language Learners and has worked to provide our students with a variety of engaging experiences in and outside of the classroom.  The success of our English Language Learners in reaching proficiency is all-time high for the district thanks to the work of the Astoria School District ELD Team.  


Community Recognition Award

 Astoria School District, in partnership with the Astoria School Foundation, recognizes an individual or organization to honor for their contributions to our schools and community. This year’s Community Recognition Award went to YES for Astoria Kids!  YES for Astoria Kids help organize a successful facility bond campaign in November 2018.  Member of the YES for Astoria Kids! include:


Skip Hauke (Co-Chair)

David Oser (Co-Chair)

Jenna Rickenbach

Julie NIemi

Rebecca Pierce

Chris Laman

Daryl Moore

Brandy Larsen

Kegan Rasco

Nikayla Lippy


This group raised over $25,000 for the successful campaign, organized door-to-door campaigning at over 2500 residences, provided campaign signs throughout the community, provided presentations to local community groups, and many other campaign activities.

2019 Astoria School District Retirees

In addition, at the awards ceremony, six District staff members were recognized for their commitment to Astoria School District.  These District staff members are retiring at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.  The retirees include:

Lindy O’Bryan

Dianna Young

Teresa Patterson

Debra Miner

Denise Richardson

Anthony Hahn 

Astoria School District is honored to recognize these staff members for their special skills, longevity, dedication and service to our District.