2018-2019 Budget Information

2019-2020 Budget Information
Each year as we begin a plan for budgeting, Astoria School District staff members construct an over-view of the district. ‘A Budget Guide for Our Community’ is an informational document that provides an examination of current and historical data regarding funding for various programs as well as demographics, financial estimates and enrollment forecasting. This guide is instrumental when navigating recommendations and implementing essential funding decisions for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond. As we move forward in the budget process, additional information will be added and updated when it becomes available.

The District’s strategic plan will also be utilized when considering the 2019-2020 budget process. This design provides a clear vision for staff and is helpful in establishing a constructive path for the next three years.

The final component, when determining the budget, applies vital input from community, staff, school administration, Board of Directors and budget committee. This information is essential to the comprehensive formation of the budget process

Astoria School District 2019-2020 Budget Guide

2019-20 Budget Guide.pdf

Budget Meeting Calendar

2019-20 Proposed Budget Calendar.pdf